About Us

We ruminate and Create digital assert brands
to spark ideas.

We hope we’re pronouncing that correctly

Arion Media Crop is a reputed hybrid organization of Advertising Films Production house, & Digital Branding with a Media release for the past seven years. It is an elevated view of branding and strategic integration of the brand. We shore up visual aesthetics & enhance the production values. We extend with creative ideas and brand concepts.

Our focus is to provide smart, inexpensive media planning and branding for our clients that effectively reach the total targeted market. We use powerful research tools to attain our client message to the right audience at the right time for better progress in media and digital marketing.

On the other hand, we brainstorm new research & analysis work on promotional ideation to develop a meaningful promotion that matches our client brand personalities.


Managing Director


Manoj chandran an aspiring filmmaker tried his luck in Ad films to get the on-hand experience of Independent film making, with immense knowledge in Film making & Media. He resisted his ground for his passion for films. Holding vast managing directorship and always assuring such clear objectives and expectations for his passion, his shone obsession dragged him to ad film industries. In 2013, he started Arion Media Corp, an Advertisement film production house that has a group of members with passionate editors, designers, digital analysts, creative writers, and developers. After seven years of conception, the advertisement production house now has been transformed into a Digital branding organization.

To help your brand through advertising campaigns to build brand awareness and drive product demand.

Grasp the complete potential of the brand to create the digital assets and iconic brand value – to drive new era expansion.