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The Only Constant in Life Is Change. — Heraclitus  

Change is a constant thing that never changes. Marketing trends change & evolution takes place periodically. Eventually, new trends and events are being acquired substantially by the audience psychology. Brands have to concentrate more on advanced technologies and trending effects to grab the audience's attention.

 However, marketing analysts can predict market patterns and innovative trends. After COVID-19, Marketing firms have brought a new level of creativity. In 2022-2023, It’s all about the business reputation, brand techniques, and measuring success. It’s no longer about buying and selling.

 An effective marketing strategy in the past was choosing the digital platform for promotions and creating an ad using the target audience and specific demographic area through keywords and hashtags with the help of social media to retarget the audience. Google Chrome ends all third-party cookies by 2023. Marketers ought to pick new ways for individual target marketing.

7 Branding tips to excel in 2023

Moment Marketing:

Moment Marketing is the advertising strategy, capturing the moment on the spot. Moment Marketing is market the right thing at the right time to the target audience. Seeking attention and eye-catching ads which revolve around the digital platform or social media forum on impulse. An example of moment marketing: When they took part in the #RahulBoseMoment with the clever slogan, “You could buy a banana milkshake and a banana split for less than the 52-year-old actor spent for his bananas.” (digitalschola)

The significance of brand mascots: 

The Mascots are the key benefit to sharing the brand stories with the best marketing campaigns. The mascot immediately draws the audience's attention and evokes some affection among individuals. Mostly Human characters, birds, and animals are used in common. The product and geolocation also matter when selecting the mascot. If the location is Australia, then it could be Kangaroo. If it's a ghee product, then it could be a cow. Due to advancements in Artificial intelligence technologies and robotics, mascots do many magics. Since 2018, 37% of ad campaigns have used the mascot to position higher and greater on the market. ( 

The Growth of Interactive Content:

People believe in being more independent in their journey. By that time, businesses must recognize and clarify things for consumers. Considering the time for business growth and reputation, marketers should be direct and open about what customers are looking for. By 2022-23, the trend that manifests is the rise in content. The content has to be very interactive, engaging, and user-friendly. People should find FAQs about what they are looking out for. Producing informative content could turn the belief into lead and conversion. 

Evolving visual-based content: 

On average, every individual in, 2022 spends 19 hours a week watching a video. Video marketing started in 2005 with the launch of YouTube. Video marketing in 2009 had seven different types of ads. (HubSpot). Comparatively, in any social media platform, the shares, engaged, reached & traffic takes place through video content. It also improves the SEO ranking, which increases the traction to the website & stays on the page for a long time. Also, 68% of video marketers have an idea to use LINKED IN this year. People watch almost a billion videos on all social media. 

Brand analysis of competitors:

How do you identify the competitor of your brand? Yes, the first step is googling, with contacts, etc. How precisely can you evaluate someone by asking a couple of questions about who they are? How do they behave? What products or services do they offer to the public? What do they provide that you don't? What sets them apart? Advertising on digital networking and innovative tactics.

You want to be a master at checking up on them, creative tactics, and digital presences. Self-promotions for online and digital ads level up the brand personality. 

Enhance user experience across devices:

With the rising dominance of Smart objects, it is crucial to design websites according to the sizes of the devices. An important aspect of the brand is its text, color, graphics, navigation, and download rates for all the devices. The Marketer has to give attention to the detailed enhancement of the UX brand, and experience for the customer. The UX of the website has to be more mobile responsive and user-friendly.

              According to Intechnic, the UX of the website can raise the business KPIs by 83% and uplift the conversion. The statistic also illustrates how critical customer experience would be to the firm.

Stamping in Social media:

The Internet has paved the way for Social media culture. As a result, social media endures several changes. On sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, the Internet era is constantly evolving. You have to develop the voice or tone for the brand. It should sound formal. More on, Which content is best for which medium; like YouTube focuses on Visuals, Where Twitter on text.

      In 2019, Bynder State of Branding reported as 65% of the organizations' Social media algorithm changes are the biggest threat to their brand engagement. Social media shows instant results like insights, engagements, reach, views, comments, interactions, etc. Also, we can study our brand reputation through social platforms immediately.


Catch pace with brand integrity:

Existing marketing tactics determine how brands will change in the future. Digital is the only platform that will grow the business in the future. Therefore, trend drives more by videos, social media, e-commerce, content, and blogs. Transparency, privacy, and authenticity are now rarer and more valuable than before. So, analyze the market, create a holistic brand, a unique way for marketing and advertising, and get updates on new strategies & methods. Escalate your abilities and experience to the next level and excel in the trending market.


Author : Benazir Sadiq




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