What is Moment Marketing – Its Importance


“LIVE IN THE MOMENT,” they said, but do you know how brands use “MOMENTS”? 

Let's look at what moment marketing is and how brands use it for massive growth! 

A business puts in all its effort to attract its target audience, which could convert them to sales and brand reputation. In today’s, Modern World marketers are constantly trying to find new ways to reach their customers. Brands have been prudent in using ad trends.

Have you ever thought advertisements are significant while showcasing your products? To create an impression on the brand, you have to engage with customers and resonate with an audience, where the seller has to target them at the exact time. Sometimes, making a perfect ad campaign with relevant content could fail if it is not reaching the right time. And that's when a new marketing technique jumps in as MOMENT MARKETING. 

Let us discuss some tips and techniques about it. Before heading about the tips and techniques, first, let us understand what is Moment Marketing. 

What is Moment Marketing? 

Moment marketing is capturing the precise moment and presenting it to the right audience at the right time. Marketers should capture the brand essential through memes or rumors and chase any ongoing event or trend. Google trends and hashtags are incredible tools that recommend an enduring topic in the digital market. Using these tactics, you can gain traction and benefits on social media and digital platforms on trending news, events, or insane.

‘I need it right now ‘sounds childish, right? Yes, the customer requires quick attention, they decide instantly. Google calls I want to do, I want to buy, I want to know these types of call action as Micro-moment marketing. These behavioral changes occurred due to the usage of smartphones. 

Nike and Liu Xiang: Celebrity Endorsement 

Liu Xian is China's celebrity sports icon. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Liu becomes the first man from China to win an Olympic gold medal in men's track & field.

Nike has prepared four different types of advertising to appeal to Liu Xiang's audience. 

       1. Liu Xiang won Nothing.

       2. Liu Xiang won a bronze medal.

       3. Liu Xiang won a silver medal. 

        4. Liu Xiang won the gold medal 

During the 2004 Olympics, Nike wanted to telecast the advertisement immediately on television after the victory of the Athlete. They want to capture the moment and respond instantly. So, their brand could seek attention from their target people. 


ET BrandEquity - 9.40:1020sec)

Importance of Moment Marketing 

Moment marketing has several advantages in India. Let's look at its significance. 

Intriguing content: 

How many of us love to be updated?

The firm should maintain covering current events to engage its audience. It ought to be intriguing content. People sometimes search for the same information repeatedly, which could boost SEO rankings.

Evokes Audience interest:

It quickly grabs the audience's attention. People react right away when the current trend happens by commenting, following, and liking the post. Instantly engaging and reaching the intended audience builds brand reputation. 

Cost Effective:

Today, branding is expensive no matter how you do it. Moment marketing boosts a product's prominence without using any paid advertising. Additionally, it boosts your product's organic traffic and inbound leads. It encourages brand adherence.

How Moment marketing leverages in Digital Media: 

Many of us know, Digital marketing and social media are boons. We create memes instantly on trending topics. We capture the moment, which indirectly takes your product to the targeted audience. It creates an impact on brand loyalty.

Google Trends:

Google trends aid you to know the topics that people search for. It shows the graph with numbers and demographic static. Also, it discloses the total number of searches on the particular terminology.

Google Alerts:

Google alert is a fantastic tool that many social media marketing experts use for the latest updates from the web. It is very useful for competitor analysis. 


Tweet deck is a powerful column that filters according to keywords search. It stays on top tweets with date and time, and keywords. Twitter Moments are crafted storylines about current affairs that are driven by Tweets.


Using a relevant hashtag on social media helps you to ensure the credibility of your post. A hashtag is one of the most prudent trending mediums.


To determine whether this is successful in India, let's look at some successful Indian brands. 

Amul's Moment Marketing Strategies

Amul is the food industry on dairy products. We call it AMUL GIRL, who speaks about the trending political and non-political situations. Amul consistently speaks about ongoing topics like Sports, Films, Media personalities, politics, and many others in general. It has won the hearts of its targeted consumers.

A year ago, on Jan 13, 2021, Anushka -an actor, and Virat Kohli -an Indian cricket player blessed with a baby Girl. Amul has captured that moment wished with the caption "Bowled over by this delivery. Welcome home." ( Topical: Anushka and Virat blessed with a baby girl!)

Zomato Moment Marketing Strategies

Zomato had a tweet on the iPhone 11 pro launch with three cameras stating that ‘for less than Rs (symbol):199’Order online on Zomato. (Twitter/Zomato)

It's not about an Indian or an international brand. Right now we evolve around digital forums. A company is like a pro and stays in the moment. It should capitalize on the scenario, and produce them to exact people at an accurate time.

Trending moment marketing

People switch marketing ideas from Traditional to Digital marketing. These strategies of marketing turn into real-time moments by reacting to the trending events or hot topics happening at present. According to  34% of the brands switched to micro-moment branding or capturing moments with moments. Digital Media are the best medium to reach consumers immediately. 

Hence, a lot of brands are turning up-to-the-minute promotion plans or moment marketing by reaching their consumers and converting them into valuable leads.

Author : Benazir Sadiq




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